Our Services

At BTH Group, our mission is to create value and serve our clients through our passion for creative and efficient business space.

Property Management Services

BTH take pride in our dependable property management services and constant communication with our clients. Our experienced property management team is supported by on-site staffs who are well-versed in areas such as leasing, lease retention, space optimization, relationship management, budgeting and preventive maintenance, and value engineering.

 Self Storage

Self- Storage is a modern storage concept catering to the storage needs of the modern lifestyle and businesses. It is managed by a team of professionals – customer-friendly sales team and competent technical team to ensure fully functional, clean and secure self-storage spaces.


Warehousing and Distribution  

BTH understands your issues and anticipate your logistics needs by providing robust solutions that will drive value for your business. We provide storage space for electronic components, non-perishable items, general equipments and other general products. Our services include packing, palletisation, forklift handling.

Value Added Services

BTH’s shared user warehousing solutions are not just about holding stock and warehousing. There are a wide range of additional services that we offer, as part of an overall solution that can improve the performance of your supply chain. BTH operates a range of services to pack, prepare and customize your products for different markets.

Co-packing Services

Contract packing involves the integration of outsourced packing operations into distribution centers, to increase flexibility and streamline fulfillment. This reduces cost, enhances product visibility and control, and increases speed-to-market. BTH offers a comprehensive co-packing service, including the re-packing of finished products to support promotions, product launches and customization for local markets..

Packaging design

We offer additional packing solutions, including packaging design and packaging materials procurement. We have extensive capability to design and procure the right packaging for your products, as well as offering environmentally friendly packaging.